Not my goose, not my bottle, not my problem

I love this.



I often tell the Story of the Goose and the Bottle. I first heard it as part of the Harvard Mind Body Medicine curriculum. Here it is:
A seeker climbed a mountain to ask the teacher for wisdom. “What is the secret to a happy life?” He asked.
“Tell me how to get a goose out of a bottle,” she replied.
So the seeker returned home to think about it. A week later, he returned and suggested; “smash the bottle to get the goose out.”
“No,” the teacher said. “You must not harm the bottle.”
The seeker returned home for another week to think. He climbed the mountain again and proposed; “crush the goose.”
“No. You must not harm the goose,” the teacher replied.
After another week thinking, the seeker returned a third time. But this time the teacher was not home. So he left a note.
Later that day…

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