The Letter

Dear One,

I know some days you feel like I am little more than a nag. A pain in the ass. Something you must tolerate or worse…endure. Some days you find me annoying or challenging and some of my ways are hard if not impossible for you to understand. I know that some days you wish you could trade me in for another. Start all over again. Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance. You and I both know I can’t stick around forever. In the meantime, try to see what I have to offer. Try to see my beauty. Under these wrinkles and scars I am still me.

 It’s true. Some days I hide my good qualities well below the surface. Some days I really don’t make any sense, some days even I think I’m just difficult, actually some days I really am just a bitch. It’s true. A selfish, heartless bitch. But I hope you can love me anyway. Please love me anyway. In fact, I am begging you to love me anyway. You see, the more you love me, the more I will love you back. I promise.

I miss you when you don’t come play with me. Get dirty. Be stupid. Have fun. Laugh at the little things. Come play with me and I swear we will get along better. I pinky swear it!

Embrace me. Hold me like you mean it. Seriously. I actually become more beautiful when I am in your embrace. I can’t explain it but it’s true. It’s as if my bitchiness doesn’t matter anymore. It’s as if the sharpness of my bad days softens and I just become better. On those days, those bad days, be patient. Embrace me. You’ll see. I won’t let you down.

Please, please love me, laugh with me, play with me, embrace me. Do the very best you can with me, especially when I am being a pain in the ass. I want to enjoy every single precious moment we have together. Every single one. 

I want to be wild with you! I want to be real with you. I want you to smile when you think of me. I want them to tell stories about us. I want you right here with me. Right here!  Come on in, trust me, the water is fine. I will be waiting for you….

All my love,


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